Cannabis Product Liability Coverage Designed to Protect Businesses from Situations That May Arise from Defective Cannabis Product.

Product Liability Coverage Made Specifically for Cannabis

TRICHOME™ products are designed to protect cannabis businesses’ product, liability, and loss of income in the event of exposure to a defective product, such as a product recall. The purpose of product liability insurance in cannabis is to protect against liability claims for physical or bodily injury or illness that stems from the cannabis product itself, regardless of whether the business manufactured or sold the product directly to the customer. Since cannabis regulations are historically undefined, businesses can have gaps in coverage if the insurers don’t thoroughly understand the business model. TRICHOME™ exists for the sustainability of the cannabis industry by delivering fairly priced and sustainable insurance products and coverage to cannabis businesses by employing an innovative captive-based model that maximizes risk management education, support, and expertise.

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Product Liability Insurance Benefits for Cannabis Businesses

In instances of a recall, coverage includes the workers hours needed to execute the recall

Provides coverage and defense for claims stemming from products manufactured or sold by the business

Protects businesses from product liability exposures that would otherwise cost millions of dollars to cover

Products are made with a cannabis operational understanding

Product withdrawal and retroactive date coverage is available

Standard commercial product liability policies do not cover cannabis products. At TRICHOME™, the product liability policies offer coverages specifically made for cannabis.

Cannabis Product Liability Coverage Add-ons

Product Withdrawal Coverage

Retroactive Date Coverage

Cannabis Product Liability That Covers You

The TRICHOME™ Process

TRICHOME™ is a captive insurance company for the entire cannabis vertical endorsed by the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) to support its members. Only NCRMA members can access TRICHOME’s cannabis insurance products offered and, as a result, benefit from more accurately priced premiums through the implementation of cannabis education, support, and expertise provided through the NCRMA membership. Because the TRICHOME™ products only cover risk-conscious businesses, losses occur less frequently with lower severity, which may result in lower premium charges for all members.

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