Insurance products made with cannabis business operations and risk prevention in mind

Our insurance products are designed specifically for cannabis businesses. Other insurance policies that aren’t cannabis-specific likely include critical exclusions that go unnoticed by agents due to a lack of understanding of how cannabis businesses operate. These potential gaps in coverage can leave cannabis businesses exposed to risks that could easily exceed what they’re capable of financially surviving.

Our insurance products are different. The insurance products offered through TRICHOME™ are 100% made with cannabis business operations and risk prevention in mind. We allow cannabis businesses to grow and sustain through insurance rooted in risk management. Plus, TRICHOME™ policyholders may receive lower insurance premiums for taking effective risk management measures.


TRICHOME™ is an insurance company providing products only to the cannabis industry through a captive insurance model. The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) endorses TRICHOME™ and, through the implementation, vetted the NCRMA appointed brokers and products, allowing their members to access insurance policies created with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry, empowering members to protect their businesses for sustainability.

Only members of the NCRMA can access TRICHOME™ products and, as a result, benefit from more accurately priced premiums through the implementation of cannabis education, support, and expertise provided through the NCRMA membership. Because the TRICHOME™ products only cover risk-conscious businesses, losses occur less frequently with lower severity, which may result in lower premium charges for all members.

  • More accurately priced premiums
  • A holistic approach to underwriting
  • Appointed brokers vetted by criteria established by NCRMA members
  • Insurance products birthed by the risk-management lead, NCRMA
  • Short term profit taking replaced by long term stability and rewards
  • Reduced operating cost and claims control
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How TRICHOME™ Insurance benefits cannabis businesses

Protects businesses from exposures that would otherwise cost millions of dollars to cover, allowing for a sustainable cannabis business.

More accurately priced premiums for policyholders that stem from proactive risk prevention measures.

Insurance products are made with a cannabis operational understanding in mind.


Risk Management Basis

Insurance is part of Risk Management

Insurance IS Risk Management

In-Person Risk Management Assessment

Fair Scorecard Rating

Risk Management Education

Risk Management Consultation

More Accurately Priced Premiums

Premium Prices Determined by Risk Score

Underwriting & Risk Management Team

Captive Structure

Shareholder Influences Decisions

Improved Risk Management Rating May Reduce Premium Costs

Simplified Application & Underwriting Process

48-72 Hour Quote Turnaround

Long-term Sustainability


Limited as compared to competitors

Additional Coverages

Multiple as compared to competitors